For the nerds out there 🤓, this page outlines the updates to Rivian Roamer.


  1. Added vehicle detail page


  1. Added wheel fitlers! (h/t Brice)
  2. Added new Ascend trim filters


  1. Make the shop linking more robust by including additional filters


  1. You can now filter inventory by options / features!


  1. New listings filter UX! No longer requires you to hit the filter button and allows for logical OR filters withint he same group allowing you to create more powerful filters.


  1. Added postal code to deals on homepage


  1. Made the vehicle listing syncing more efficient
  2. Increased the cadence of vehicle listing synchronization
  3. Improved performance of vehicle listing page
  4. Added Storm Blue to the list of filters so you can setup alerts to see the first!


  1. Added an Atom feed link to the listings page
    1. You can now create a filter, copy that link and put it into IFTTT to alert you of new builds when they appear.


  1. Redesigned vehicle listing view now with cards which allows for more inforation and a better mobile experience
    1. Vehicle features (more to come) with Aventure Pcakage and Elevaiotn Audio
    2. Range displayed
    3. Acceleration displayed
  2. Vehicle listing page now loads quicker without page refreshes
  3. Vehicle listing images now deep link to Rivian
    1. The location text also does this
  4. Vehicle listing filter defaults to your current country, you can unset this


  1. Added releases page!
  2. Added sorting to vehicle listings
  3. Updated welcome page to include best Rivian deals
  4. Vehicle listings now link directly to gear shop with filters pre-applied
  5. Added recently added stat to vehicle listings
  6. Added lease deal grading
    1. This is based on the ratio of lease payment to total vehicle cost